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Reduce waste and get FREE cider!
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UK Apple Collector Directory

If you are looking to donate your apples but your orchard is located outside of Cornwall, we have compiled a list of other apple collectors across the United Kingdom. If you are an apple collector, get in touch and we will happily add you to the list!

Small Business?

We can process your donated apples into cider or apple juice, and once it’s ready we deliver it back to you all packaged and with a label that shows where the apples were sourced. Perfect if you own rental properties, guest houses or small hotels where you can place the cider or apple juice in the property as a gift to your guests.

Apple Heroes

Just some of our many donors from around Cornwall helping us make great traditional cider and apple juice and getting to enjoy the fruits of their orchards.

We also welcome volunteer pickers.  If you feel you can help please get in touch!