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More4 Devon and Cornwall – Behind the Scenes

TV documentaries are numerous and can be about a vast range of things, from environmental issues, health issues, traumatic events and social justice. You name it and the likelihood is that there’s been a documentary about it. But what is it like when the documentary...

7 Reasons To Buy Locally & Support Local Businesses

Reason 1 - It's Environmentally Friendly Buying locally is often a lot more ethical and ‘green’ than buying from commercial supermarkets or chains. When you shop at a local butcher, farm shop, bakers or green grocers, it is likely that a high percentage of the produce...

6 Reasons YOU should consider switching to craft cider

Take a swig of good craft cider and you’ll experience a delight of complex yet highly complementary flavours. From start to finish traditionally brewed cider gives an overwhelming feeling of refreshment with a satisfying and crisp finish. You’ll be pleased to know...

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