Some of the things we are asked most frequently about!
How long does it take from apple pressing to the cider being ready?

The process of cider making shouldn’t be rushed! I have learnt from painful experience that if you try to push cider on too quickly the results are a poor cider which can be over carbonated if bottled too quickly.

Cider needs time to mature, it is all dependant on the temperatures in the cider house as well as the apples used. Typically cider will take 6 months to mature sufficiently for bottling. So if we are pressing in October it should nearly be ready for drinking in May.

What sort of apples do you use?

We use any apples that are available. They may be dessert, cooking, crab or cider apples. We blend the apples when we mill and press them so to try and get a balance of sweet and bitter to give a great cider. If we don’t achieve the right balance we blend the cider later in the process