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Proving Provenance

4th March 2020

Wasted Apple are delighted to have retained their product of Cornwall status again in January 2020 and to have increased its scope to cover our Apple Juice, Chutney and Apple Jelly products.

Local cornish produce

For those who don’t know about the scheme run by Cornwall Council, its primary focus is to celebrate, promote and protect Cornwall’s primary produce. In recent years there has been a significant increase in food tourism to Cornwall. It is becoming the United Kingdom’s premier food and drink destination, as more and more people are visiting the county attracted by the quality and diversity of Cornish produce.

Paul Ainsworth

The recent explosion of the UK’s top chefs recognizing Cornwall as the perfect location to exercise their passion of producing fantastic food using local, quality ingredients further demonstrates just how great Cornish produce is.

As people begin to recognise the quality of Cornwall’s produce, the more they demand it as consumers. As this demand increases so does the value of the produce. Therefore, it is vital to the reputation of Cornwall to ensure that customers, both consumers and businesses, are getting what they have paid for.

Product of Cornwall

Members of the Product of Cornwall scheme are audited by Cornwall Council’s Trading Standards Service to ensure that all products bearing the logo meet the requirements of the scheme and that they are genuinely Cornish. The Product of Cornwall logo is a guarantee of the provenance of the product providing fundamental assurances to the buyer and instilling a confidence in Cornwall’s produce as well as confidence in the supplier of the product.
In addition to the primary focus, the scheme also brings other benefits. By ensuring that the produce is genuinely Cornish it means that the food miles are kept to an absolute minimum, promoting the critical message of environmental protection and reducing carbon emissions. It is also supporting local producers and therefore helps retain the value and any profits made within Cornwall, strengthening the local economy and rural communities.

Cornwall logo

….and that’s why we are proud to be members and delighted to have again successfully passed the audit.

Jackie Rudge


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