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The Art of an Awesome Mulled Cider

7th December 2021

Mulled cider is most often associated with the ‘wassail’ – a toast to good health in the New Year in banqueting halls when a large bowl of spiced alcohol was passed around, which almost certainly in the West Country Wassail consisted of cider. For lots of interesting facts on wassailing see our Blog here. Nowadays mulled cider is most popular from around Halloween in late October right through to late February, early March.

Our mulled cider is made by mixing a spiced syrup, which we make ourselves, with our ‘dry’ cider. The mulling syrup is made by taking spices and slowly mulling them over low heat. The resulting syrup is left to infuse (often overnight) giving an amazing blend of sweetness and spice. This is hot poured into bottles and sealed for freshness.

To make mulled cider, half a bottle of the mulling syrup is poured into a saucepan along with a full bottle of ‘dry’ cider. Our ‘dry’ cider is very dry. We ferment it out to complete dryness so no sugar remains. This combination is perfect, with very dry cider and spiced mulling syrup sweetness. The mulled cider is heated but not boiled. Remove from heat just before boiling, place in a heat-proof glass and be prepared to experience ‘Christmas in a cup’.

We sell our mulled cider kits in our online shop and at Christmas Markets and it never fails to delight all those that taste it. We have converted many people from being mulled wine lovers to mulled cider adorers. Why don’t you try it today or give it as a gift to a worthy friend?

Mark Rudge


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